We’re DASH. So, who are we?

We are…


Mike Schmidt in baseball’s Hall of Fame, we are Edwin Moses setting records for hurdling and winning  gold medals in two Olympics, we are Ron Harper winning five NBA champion-ships and Bill Hosket one of a select few to win basketball titles in high school, the Olympics and the pros.


We are Keith Byars and Braxton Miller winning Silver Footballs as the Big Ten’s Player of the Year and we are Gordie Lane winning four Stanley Cup championships with the New York Islanders.


We are also the birthing ground of the National Football League. You can go see the field in Triangle Park, just up Riverside Drive from downtown Dayton, where on Oct. 3, 1920, the Dayton Triangles hosted the Columbus Panhandles. That was the first game played in what shortly became the NFL.


We are UD grad Chuck Noll winning four Super Bowls as coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and UD grad Jon Gruden winning another in Tampa Bay.


Akron, no, Dayton was the first city to host the
Soap Box Derby.


The old Negro League Dayton Marcos played here.


We are all that, too.


We have a rich history in Division I basketball, especially with the Dayton Flyers, who won two NIT championships in that tournament’s golden years, and have reached the championship game of the NCAA.

There is also a world championship accomplishment provided by the World Basketball League Dayton Wings in 1991, and a follow up in 1992 even though the league folded prior to the playoffs.


Wright State University, which now plays at the DI level, won a Division II National Championship.


We have golf courses laid out by acclaimed architect Nipper Campbell, NCAA championships in multiple sports at multiple levels and of course, how many times do we need to mention the Triangles?


We have athletes who have worn the name of Dayton across their chests, had the city scrawled on a birth certificate or adopted the city or area as a hometown through decades of residency.


Earl “Red” Blaik, who spent his youth in Dayton, became an All-America at nearby Miami University and later the greatest coach in Army football history. Chuck Noll played at UD well before he won four Super Bowls coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Dayton became the hub of golf club manufacturing in the U.S. through the MacGregor Company in the early 20th century.


Rivalries abounded, especially in high school. “As long as anybody lives in this town who went to Steele High School,

the old rivalry between Steele and Stivers will never die,” wrote newspaper columnist and English teacher Roz Young. The rivalry lives here, since most of Steele’s graduates have passed on since the school closed in 1940.



Jim Thorpe played here against the Triangles, you know, or maybe you didn’t.


Websites abound for all these individuals and teams, but we have gathered some facts and memorabilia to which we will call your attention, and soon will have a museum display at Carillon Park.


Who else are we?


We are the Dayton Shroyers, who played against the Reds in the first night game involving a major league team in a major league park on Sept. 12, 1931.


We’re UD basketball star Don Meineke becoming the first NBA Rookie of the year in 1953.


We are the only city to stage the PGA Championship on three different courses: Moraine Country Club (1945), Miami Valley Golf Club (1957) and NCR Country Club (1969).


We are a two-seater Stoddard-Dayton winning the first Indianapolis Motor Speedway race in 1909, and the first pace car ever, a Stoddard-Dayton driven by Carl G. Fisher to start the 1911 race.


We are Rolla O. (Pop) Heikes winning of the first Grand American Trapshooting Handicap Tournament in 1900.

Who are we? We are Dayton Area Sports History – DASH.